About Digipal

We help you build Engineering and design dream teams for your business

Digipal is a digital consultancy based in Tbilisi, Georgia. We specialize in building high-performing product design and software development teams for our clients across Europe and North America.

Top talents onboard

We employ the top 5% talents on the local market to ensure quality and consistency of our services.

Redefining delivery excellence

Using industry’s leading methods and tools enable our experts to deliver unparalleled value.

Talent Outsourcing

Whether you have an in-house team to scale or you need to assemble one from scratch our talent outsourcing model will fit your needs and provide you with the preselected experts ready to start, saving you time and money which matters for every business.

Team Extension

We help fast-growing startups and large organizations in scaling engineering and design teams with top 5% talents. With our team extension model you strengthen your core team with professionals who are qualified to boost your project delivery and quality.

Dedicated Teams

We provide the dedicated teams in our outstaffing capacity. The best talents work remotely for your company anywhere in the world and accelerate your development team without going through the expensive HR recruitment and training routine.

Our History

About Our company growth

Why Digipal?

Your Reliable Digital Partner

High quality and consistency of our services is what defines Digipal’s standard of delivery. 

Client Satisfaction

We’re trusted and hired by our clients to help them achieve their ambitious business goals. Therefore, our primary objective is their success. It is the lens through which we make all decisions to deliver on our promise.

International Standard

Vast expertise and international experience of our talents enable us to deliver world class quality for our clients.

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Frequently Asked questions

Speed and efficiency is a high priority along with the uncompromised quality of the work that we offer. However, due to the high demand on the services, we take the role fulfillment time ranging in between as fast as 48 hours (for already available talents) up to maximum 2 weeks to fulfill the necessary role.

We have a dedicated person to each of our clients who analyses the requirements of each role and draws the role summary which we then match with the profile of the pre-selected experts in our team. Before each profile is presented to a client, we run a pre-interview to ensure the fit between role and selected person. 

Building lasting relationships and keeping our clients satisfied is our top priority. To ensure the latter, each of our clients is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who is  always at your disposal to listen to your feedback, analyse your business needs and provide value for your business.